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E-mail campaigning is an often overlooked and low-cost way to engage your existing client base and expand your marketing reach. While traditional mailers have been filling recycling bins for years and spam filters decimating off-brand pharmacy’s offers, a timely and well-crafted email campaign is the best way to present new opportunities to old leads.

There’s Life After Newsletters

The key to engaging a potential client is a compelling message that presents an accessible opportunity at the moment when they are most receptive. While we cannot choose when someone will want to make a purchase, the method and manner of presenting an offer to a client often makes the difference between success and failure. We have all unsubscribed from unscrupulous emails only to find more spam. At Verum, we are not in the business of aggravating potential clients with an influx of useless information and repetitive pitches. We manage our client’s email marketing efforts by maintaining consistent branding, presenting information as cleanly and elegantly as possible, with a subtle emphasis on re-engaging a user from their inbox.

State of the Art Emails
Most emails are simply a collection of text with embedded images and the occasional hyperlink. Partnering with Constant Contact, we are able to offer an unprecedented level of insight into your email marketing efforts. Using a sophisticated system we are able to target different groups of contacts at different levels of participation, offer different messages based on prior engagement, and track user interaction between the inbox, your website, and in-person visits. We coordinate this with your existing marketing effort to ensure that any promotions or special events going on in your business are effectively communicated to everyone in your network of contacts.