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Google derives its name from googol. A googol is the large number 10100; that is, the digit 1 followed by 100 zeroes, or ten duotrigintillion. Its the kind of number one might use to count the number of particles in the universe.

By naming their company after an aburdly large number, Google was making a statement about their intended scope of business. Since their founding in 1996, they have done more to influence the world of ideas than any other single actor on the Internet.


Making Friends with the Gorilla

Google is the most trafficked website in the world. Virtually every Internet user has performed a Google search to find something online. Every business with an online presence is competing to get a fraction of that interaction. While relatively user-friendly, Google’s systems are very complex. Their systems and services span the entire spectrum of media. Maps, videos, images, websites, books, demographics, and music represent a fraction of what is in the Google pantry. At Verum we work to access and leverage this array of systems to tame the gorilla and grow your bottom line.

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. We start the process with a sound introduction by aligning all of your online assets with your brand, and ensure you are accurately represented by Google. We claim business listings, create YouTube channels, and install Analytics so you don’t have to. Once your online presence offers a consistent narrative, we work with Google to present your business to its client base.


The Bottom Line

While there is no easy way around Google as the gatekeeper to potential clients, our consistent formula of services has produced results for every one of our clients, yielding a consistent positive ROI. See how we can make Google work for you and learn more about our track record by visiting our portfolio. If you’re convinced, give us a call and let’s start a dialog about how Verum can help you.