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Why is a form important? What’s it going to do for me?

When we begin to talk about engaging traffic and capturing business, how is it that a website goes fro being an aesthetic or placeholder on the internet to a functional tool to convert traffic and generate leads for business?

The strategy should really be built by working backwards from a successful close. The strategy from any given website should start from the revenue stream and work backwards, sharing engaging informative content that drives the traffic towards a form.

The form is the conversion point or doorway for your web traffic to make it to the ledger. The form itself becomes both the call to action and the conversion itself. The more frequently we can share forms with people whether that form be as simple as asking for an email address for a newsletter or as complex as a loan application requiring a persons vital information, various types of forms of should be positioned throughout the website to engage a visitor at various levels of trust built by the surrounding content.

Form and Function

Websites are tools meant to perform a function. The function of business websites often varies, but at the end of the day their main objective is help your business generate revenue.  To that end, capturing information from your visitors is a crucial component.

While the debate over internet privacy is a hot issue in the headlines, from a technical standpoint visiting a website is still a fairly anonymous process. The browser doesn’t announce your name, address, and phone number to every server it visits. So your web traffic data does not include the crucial information you need to close the deal.

Knowing that the user has built very little trust at their arrival, it is vital to share forms that get a user from point A to point B as fast as possible. Dynamic forms that expand and contract responsively to cater to the input provided by the visitor is an important strategy to increase the conversion ratio of a given page.

October 2014

Brandy Inc

Branding, Webdesign