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Your Website: Elegant Fortress, InternetÂShowroom, and Money Maker
Informed consumer judge most businesses by their websites. Without a word-of-mouth referral, they find them online. If they can’t find them, the site doesn’t answer their questions, or looks questionable, they’re not doing business.

We consider your website to be the anchor and centerpiece of your online marketing efforts. The best way to understand a website is a collection of code and media built to perform a function. As a business with a bottom line, the best function of a website is to treat every visitor as a potential client and direct them towards a profitable transaction with you.

Your business website is your office, showroom, catalog, negotiator and ultimately a revenue generator. It separates from your competitors, and offers you a unique opportunity to present your goods and services in the best possible light. As of this writing, most business have a website. It is also true that most businesses have not leveraged the full potential of the online marketplace.


Verum’s Web Design Philosophy

We design and develop sites along three guiding principles:

  1. Present your brand in the best possible way.
  2. Guide every visitor towards an opportunity that grows your business.
  3. Offer the most cost-effective way to achieve the greatest impact.


What does a website cost?

We are asked this question every single time we speak with a client. It is very similar to the question ” What does a car cost?” There are thousands of capable web designers and developers building sites in the marketplace today, just as there are over a dozen major auto manufacturers. Both a Buick and a Lamborghini will get you from point A to B. Both include a steering wheel, engine, doors, and even power locks. We offer build strategies that cater to the varied needs of our clients. While our pricing varies between projects, we are transparent in our bidding process and are happy to answer any questions you may have. In our experience, every website is as unique as you are. We build custom web solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Modern Design & Technology

Web design is a rapidly evolving field. Design standards, technology, and the user base have changed dramatically in the last several years, and it is our aim to stay at the fore-front of what is current best practice. Your site will be built using a future-resistant combination of evolving open-source platform & responsive styling to ensure your site stays current & secure for years to come.

Relevant Technical Jargon:

  • WordPress Platform or Handcoding as needed using HTML5, JS, CSS3
  • Can work with existing CMS infrastructure to update content or styling
  • Integrated Analytics (GA) Setup Included
  • Shared or Dedicated Hosting Available (You can host your own site)

Design Tailored to Your Users

We understand and appreciate that your brand has a unique identity that should be preserved and carry through in your web presence. Your site will be tailored to your clientele and designed for an intuitive and rich user experience. Your visitors will not need special plugins or a 30-inch monitor to experience your site.

Support & Maintenance

We offer personalized support for legacy clients and offer a low-cost maintenance package that covers monthly site updates and minor changes. If you require additional features or work done to the site you will know who to call.