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Your online marketing budget is driving an array of channels. Measuring performance is an absolute necessity in evaluating effectiveness and understanding your return on investment. Tracking and studying these channels, we can extract analytical information and provide powerful insights to drive your marketing vision. We provide insight and transparency to your digital assets and endeavors, removing the guess work from strategy and enabling you to invest with confidence.

Memorable brands are born out of brilliant ideas, enduring character and stylish execution. Whether forging a new brand from thin air or renovating an existing brand, thoughtful strategy is the innovator behind every iconic new look. Successful branding is a clever mastery that bridges visual presence with your missions narrative. At Verum, we strive to align all your marketing channels with a consistent message that nurtures brand trust and establishes you as the ideal solution provider.

We understand that In the digital age, regardless of the your marketing channel, you’ve got just a few precious seconds to charm your target audience into your brand. We are passionate when it comes to creating robust, compelling content that engages and captivates your target market. Whether it be moving or still imagery, authoring dialog, or a dynamic means of fusing it all together with a string of code, maintaining a consistent brand narrative across platforms is our specialty.

Fortunes can be lost and won in today’s online marketplace. At Verum, we plan, execute, and manage all facets of our client’s digital marketing services and assets. We specialize in driving traffic, gaining traction and capturing business. Driving client company growth by focusing heavily on a straight forward, results driven formula of online tools and methods is our practice. Our simple approach relies on detailed analysis and creative strategy to deliver bottom-line performance.

Not all web traffic converts to a sale on the first engagement. At Verum, we focus on creating sophisticated retargeting campaigns designed to regain traction on lost web traffic that has already visited your site. This method is enhanced when coupled with fresh landing pages primed to rekindle a dialogue with a lost lead. Retargeting is an economical and efficient means of enhancing the ROI of almost any online campaign.

Very little beats one-on-one interaction when it comes to conversions. Email marketing is an incredibly cost effective means of moving the conversation to a more personal space, the in-box. Grow the relationship with your target market and recapture lost ROI through consistent dialog and effective data study. Email marketing offers a unique portrayal of data that allows us to follow opens and clicks directly to the insights that turn leads and conversions into customers.

On average, 890 million users spend 21 minutes per day captivated by their personal network of connections on Facebook. Calculated ad placement based on geography, interests, custom audiences and lifestyle directly leverages your brand against your prospective target audience. Facebook ad conversion costs are significantly lower than other paid ads, meaning valuable ROI at the ledger. Contact us and see how Verum can help you drive traffic and gain traction in digital world.

Your website is the heart of your online presence. It is also your primary means of engaging and converting your target market into bottom-line revenue. Strangely, most sites are not executed with sufficient strategy to capture optimal traffic. Our philosophy of web design is to mimic your sales process and drive traffic directly into your primary revenue streams. We create compelling content and savvy structure that align with the marketing campaigns that drive traffic to convert online leads.